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Windkraft Simonsfeld is pleased about 2,500 shareholder

Windkraft Simonsfeld is one of Austria's largest citizens' investment companies in the field of renewable energies. Now we could welcome our 2.500 shareholder.

For more than 25 years, Windkraft Simonsfeld has been involving people in the energy transition and the expansion of renewable energies. Recently, Marlies Winkelmeier has also become part of our community - as a 2,500 shareholder and now co-owner of the company. She grew up in Upper Austria and now lives with her family in Palermo, Sicily.

Investment in a sustainable and nature-oriented future
"It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to be able to invest in shares of Windkraft Simonsfeld. For me personally, it is an investment in a sustainable and nature-oriented future. I also invest in the company because it works closely with citizens in the region and also supports development projects in the global South. Above all, however, Windkraft Simonsfeld is in my eyes also a very humane and social company," Winkelmeier is pleased to say.

Participation in the expansion of renewable energies
"I am delighted that with Marlies Winkelmeier we can welcome our 2,500 shareholder. From the very beginning, Windkraft Simonsfeld wanted to involve as many people as possible directly in the expansion of renewable energies in order to jointly drive forward the urgently needed climate and energy turnaround. The steady growth of our community and the great demand for our shares show that this path is widely supported. Everyone is invited to participate," emphasizes CFO Alexander Hochauer.

"We can only achieve the transformation to a renewable energy system with the support of as many people as possible. That's why we involve stakeholders, communities and the population in our projects - while also enabling financial participation. The strong growth of our stakeholders reflects the high level of acceptance among the population," Chief Technology Officer Markus Winter is also pleased to report.

By 2030, Windkraft Simonsfeld aims to produce the electricity needs of 500,000 households from wind and solar energy, thus making a significant contribution to an independent, secure and affordable energy supply. "We want as many people as possible to participate in this growth," says Hochauer.

Participation is possible at any time
Windkraft Simonsfeld AG is an unlisted stock corporation with a broad participation structure. Participation via shares is possible at any time via our online trading platform at In addition, participation in the company is also possible within the framework of regular bond issues.