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for a greener future

Your interest in Windkraft Simonsfeld AG
Shares of Windkraft Simonsfeld AG are not quoted on the stock exchange. They are registered shares with restricted transferability. Shareholders are registered as co-owners in the share register and known to the company.

There is an online platform connecting shareholders with prospective buyers of Windkraft Simonsfeld shares in times when we do not issue any shares to increase the share capital.

ISIN: AT0000A2BY85

Financial participation of citizens – shares in free float
Right from the start, we have allowed citizens to participate in the expansion of renewable energies, both financially and ideally. Almost all the shares of Windkraft Simonsfeld are in free float, with one exception: the company’s founder holds approx. 6 percent of the shares. About three thirds of all shareholders come from Lower Austria. 40 percent come from the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region.

Dynamic development of the company
Windkraft Simonsfeld AG is a wind power pioneer. With an overall annual production of approx. 621 million kWh (FY 2022), the company has become one of the most important Austrian wind energy producers. Windkraft Simonsfeld is pursuing a consistent growth strategy, investing in markets with stable and attractive energy policy frameworks. We can rely on more than 25 years of experience in developing and operating wind power stations.

Share price
The average share price is determined by share purchases and divestments on and outside our trading platform. We publish current price developments for every quarter. It is, however, impossible to make predictions about future developments based on a share’s past performance.

We distribute a certain share of our annual net profits as dividends, thus allowing our shareholders to participate in the company’s success. The amount of the dividend is determined by the general assembly based on the company’s financial performance. Dividends, as illustrated in the chart, are always distributed for the previous year.


Annual Report 2022

Download our latest annual report as a PDF here. And get an overview of our business activities.



Half Year Report 2023

Download our current half-year report 2023 here. (PDF)