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Dürnkrut III wind farm completed

The last of our three new wind turbines has now been completed at the Dürnkrut III wind farm (Lower Austria). With a hub height of 164 meters, a rotor diameter of 163 meters and an installed rated output of 5.7 MW each, the three wind turbines of the German manufacturer Nordex N163 are the largest and most powerful in our wind farm so far.

Construction on schedule
The erection of the plants was completed on schedule. The concrete parts of the towers were erected this spring, followed by the steel parts of the hybrid towers and the nacelles. The hub and rotor blades followed in July and August respectively. Currently, interior work on the turbines and dismantling of the crane parking areas is underway.

Electricity for 12,400 households
The planned commissioning of our three new wind turbines will take place in the fall. The new turbines will then produce the electricity required for 12,400 households annually.

"With our new wind farm, we are once again making a significant contribution to a regional, independent and affordable power supply in Lower Austria and thus also to achieving the climate and energy turnaround. However, it is clear that we must increase the pace of expansion here. We have numerous projects in the approval and planning stage, which we want to implement as quickly as possible," says Markus Winter, Chief Technology Officer of Windkraft Simonsfeld.