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Next Generation for a visit:
Full of energy and

Primary school pupils from the region explore the world of renewable energies
at Windkraft Simonsfeld

Over the past few weeks, we have welcomed energetic and inquisitive primary school pupils from Asparn, Ernstbrunn, Ladendorf and Niederleis to our company in Ernstbrunn. The young climate protectors, who were working on the topic of "climate" as part of this year's project, delved deep into the world of renewable energies, exploring the functioning and construction of wind turbines with great interest and learning more about our contribution to a sustainable future.

Enthusiasm for the energy transition

"It is always a great pleasure for us to inspire young people and show them how we actively support climate protection with wind power," says Birgitt Kleinschek, Head of Communications. "The visit from the primary school pupils showed that the next generation is full of energy and enthusiasm for the energy transition."

Sustainability as an important part of education

We at Windkraft Simonsfeld see it as our responsibility to inform young people about the importance of sustainability and renewable energies and to offer them the opportunity to actively participate in the change.

Here are some impressions: