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Remote monitoring and operating data analysis

Suboptimal technical operating properties may result in output losses and reduced technical availability. Technical availability and power generation can be increased if any anomalous operating behaviour is identified early on, interpreted in the right way and corrected in time.

Professional remote monitoring and operating data analyses, i.e. collecting, analysing and checking operating data in detail, provide valuable insights into a plant’s operating behaviour and identify any potential for optimisation.

We define the scope of any operating data analysis and remote monitoring individually and according to the requirements of our customers. We have developed our “WKS Technik” operating data analysis software over several years in cooperation with Vatron GmbH. It is continuously updated to comply with the latest technical standards.

Our services

  • Online plant monitoring
  • Evaluation of failures
  • Calculation of availability
  • Calculation of energy yield losses (for insurance providers, etc.)
  • Plant monitoring outside office hours
  • Evaluation of weather data
  • Scheduling and coordination of service works
  • Analysis of output curves and comparison with wind power plants of the same type
We individually define the scope of services to be delivered and the reports to be submitted together with the operator.