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Status control – preventive

The most important task of a comprehensive condition monitoring system is to early detect mechanical defects and any anomalous behaviour of drivetrain components, such as main bearing, gear box or generator. This makes it possible to prevent any damage to the gear box or to detect it at an early stage and repair it cost-efficiently. This, in turn, helps to avoid output losses or longer down-times and optimise technical availability.Frequent development measures, our long-standing experience in the field of status control and damage appraisal of drivetrain components and our comprehensive network of reliable partners are the basis for our portfolio of status control offers.

Our services

  • Gear box inspections using video endoscopes
  • Analysis of gear box and hydraulic oil
  • Blade angle measurements
  • Oscillation measurements, offline and online
  • Stethoscopic inspections

We individually define the scope of status control services to be delivered and the reports to be submitted for individual drivetrain components with the operator. We are happy to support you with the selection of an appropriate monitoring concept for your wind power plant.